Up close tracking of any projects being completed around the homestead. The General concept is a focus on reusing / recycling things that have been disregarded.It seems we can engineer our life and sorroundings, using what we already have, to get exactly what we want and reducing waste at the same time – o yeah and all the added benefits of that.
A friend of mine is tearing down two storage sheds and he needed a hand getting rid of the scrap. amidst all of the scrap lumber inside of one of the sheds were two old, rickety book shelves just waiting to be polished up. I’ve been wanting to build a physical barrier to separate my home office from the dining/family room. What follows are the events that have since transpired. proceed with caution.
The Bookshelf(*Ominous Voice*)
A little bit of *love* should do the trick, which for the purpose of the previous sentance love means: Lots and Lots of Sanding .I had some scrap hardware laying around from an old pool table I had dissassembled a few years ago.
Shelf Collage1
Scrap Shelf + Scrap hardware +Purpose = This thing