2018*10*14 07:42am

man in gray suit playing chess
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Hello! So this is officially my first real post. I’m not really too sure what i’m doing, but i imagine it wont take too long to figure this thing out  I’ll eventually have the site set up and organized. So if you start reading at this point, bare with me.

I have had this site up in my imagination for quite some time. My intent was to begin tracking and charting the implementation of NLP(Nuero Linguistic Programming) and some other concepts that are often written about. Sort of like an on-going trial where I become my own guinea pig chasing and experimenting on something that strikes the curiosity.

Outline for the day.
**6awake up **7aPregame**8aPrepare & Serve~~~~~~>**Yardwork**>Work & minialize kids room**>**Bike Ride**>Yard work children playing outside**>**Gym**>**Vetables**>**Ingest**>Minimalize Kitchen>Minimalize Pantry>yardwork>compwork>Prepare & ingest>Children shutdown sequence>log>Shutdown Sequence


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